Thursday, June 30, 2011

Almost there

From Mel:
Not many more steps now until we arrive in Mandaree. Until we have access to internet once again I can share just a few things.

Over the weekend we were hosted by several families and would like to thank the Simmers, Mehrers, and Baumann families for all of their hospitality. The National Guard in Bismarck also hosted a picnic for us which was wonderful. We appreciate everything our hosts have done for us.

Day 12 we arrived in Hazen and were met by Patriot Guard from Bismarck. We were hosted 2 nights by the Johnson family (thank you!)

Day 13 we were escorted out by a Hazen fire truck and friends. That evening we were welcomed into Beulah with a picnic by the extended Goodiron family. We were also treated to rooms at the hotel (kids+pool=happy!) by the generosity of the O'Berry family. The Beulah Beacon had a great front page story about the march.

Day 14 puts us in Kildeer and ready to march into Mandaree tomorrow. We will be joined in the last 4 miles by any man, woman, and child that wants to participate. We have been in such good hands and we can't wait to be there!
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  1. To The Fraase Family, the March to Mandaree walkers and supporters...
    We honor your commitment and have followed the incredible journey since the first day when the Facebook page was created. What a beautiful example you are to your children! Every step taken is a prayer of remembrance of Nate, the other veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and helps to heal the hearts of the extended Goodiron family and all the family and friends whose lives were touched by these warriors. Enjoy your time in Mandaree and savor the feast food Harriet has been whipping up for you! We received our t-shirt from Paul G. a few days ago; it is awesome and we encourage everyone to purchase many, wear them proudly and never forget.
    With gratitude,
    Judy & Mountain

  2. It brings me to tears, the journey you all have made!! What an amazing memory you will have forever! The children will always have an awesome story to tell!! You guys are absolutely awesome!! I love you and miss you!! Can't wait to talk to you again!


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